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• Drug possession, distribution, or trafficking

• Sex offenses and child pornography

• Theft and embezzlement

• Assault and battery

• Domestic violence

• Stalking and criminal harassment

• Manslaughter and vehicular homicide

• Probation violations

• Restraining order violations

Being charged with a crime doesn't make you a criminal

Good people can end up in bad situations. In this area of practice, we will explore every potential defense for your case, including illegal police conduct, a lack of critical proof, or creative challenges to the laws that are putting your way of life and your family at risk.


If something you hold dear is at stake because of a criminal investigation or arrest, you owe it to yourself to allow us to assess all of your available legal options.




Motor vehicle and property crimes

You may think your life is ruined - it doesn't have to be

A criminal arrest is one of the most devastating events you or your family can endure. It can impact your well-being, your livelihood, and your future. Call us today to set up your FREE consultation.

Call us today for your FREE complimentary consultation on many misdemeanors and felonies.



A personable attorney who is here to explore every possible defense for you in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

You are not treated like a number here. You're family - we're here to fight for you.

• Robbery

• Breaking and entering

• Larceny

Motor vehicle offenses

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